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To use Disqus for commenting, follow the steps below:

Configure Disqus

  1. Create a free Disqus account and follow the steps to install Disqus on a website
  2. Find the post.hbs file located in your current theme’s directory, e.g. content/themes/your-theme/post.hbs
  3. Copy and paste the Universal Embed Code between a {{#post}} and closing{{/post}} block.
  4. Change PAGE_URL to {{url absolute="true"}}
  5. Change PAGE_IDENTIFER to ghost-{{comment_id}}
  6. Save your changes and re-upload your edited theme zip.

Note: If you choose to place the Disqus snippet outside of a  {{#post}}{{/post}} block, your identifier must be {{post.comment_id}}. The comment_id identifier is required to avoid any issues caused by post URLs changing.

Migrating Disqus from v0.11 LTS to 1.x

If you are using Disqus on Ghost v0.11 LTS, you will need to make changes to support Ghost 1.x depending on which version of the Disqus code you are using.

  • If your Disqus snippet has  {{id}}, it must be changed to ghost- {{comment_id}}
  • If your Disqus snippet has  {{}}, it must be changed to  {{post.comment_id}}
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