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Tag Settings

The tag settings allows you to create and personalize the details of tags within your publication. The tag manager is made up of the following parts:

View/Add Tags

  1. Go to Settings > Tags from the admin menu
  2. Click the Add a Tag button if you've not created a tag yet, or New Tag to create a new tag.
  3. Fill out the Tag Setting Menu with your tag details.
  4. Click on existing tags to edit their details

Delete Tags

  1. From the Tag Management screen, click on the tag to be deleted
  2. From the bottom of the Tag Settings Menu, click Delete Tag
  3. Confirm your action by clicking Delete

Tag Images

To upload a tag image, click on the image upload box. This will prompt you to select an image from your computer to upload with your tag. These images are usually displayed on the tag archive page. 

Tag Name

You can set the name for a tag in the Name field, e.g. "Getting Started." This will translate to `getting-started.`


The tag URL can be customised by editing the URL field.

Tag Description

The tag description is additional content that can be displayed on the tag archive page. 

Tag Meta Data

Additional content can be added to a tag's archive page for SEO and social media. Clicking on the 'Meta Data' button will display these additional fields which can be edited.

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