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User Role Capabilities

User Roles

  • Owner: Automatically has all permissions. There can only ever be one owner, the owner cannot be deleted
  • Admin: Has all permissions, except being able to transfer ownership of the blog
  • Editor: Has permissions to manage their posts, and the posts of authors. Also has permissions to add and edit author users.
  • Author: Has permissions to create and edit their own posts, and their own user details
  • Contributor: Has permission to create their own unpublished posts, and edit their own user details
  • No-Auth: User who is not authenticated - i.e. a reader on the blog

Capability breakdown

Capability Administrator Editor Author Contributor Non-Auth
Overall User Interface
view ‘Settings’ in admin menu X X      
view ‘Your Profile’ in user menu X X X  X  
edit ‘Your Profile’ in user menu X X X  X  
view general blog settings X        
edit general blog settings X        
view users settings X X      
invite users X A*      
revoke invites to users X A*      
view other users X A*      
edit other users X A*      
delete other users X A*      
browse X X X    
add admin X        
add editor X        
add author X X      
add contributor X X      
Roles Users
assign X X (role = author)       
view X X X   X
browse X X X   X
edit tags X X      
add tags X X X    
delete tags X X      
Content List
browse all posts X X      
browse own posts X X    
create new posts X X X  X  
publish posts X X X    
edit own posts X X X    
edit other’s posts X X      
delete own posts X X X    
delete other’s posts X X      
generate X X X    
import content X        
export content X        
delete all content X        
browse X        
add X        
delete X        
Send X        
Send test mail X        
X – Yes
A* – Authors only

Owner Special Rules

  • There can only ever be one owner
  • Owners cannot be deleted or have their role downgraded
  • Owners have a single additional capability, to transfer their ownership to another user. If this is done, the owner becomes an administrator.
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