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Ghost Editor Overview

The Ghost editor allows you to add and format text, links, quotes, images and more. Use the toolbar below the editor to quickly access basic formatting options.

Note: You can access the editor from any published post by adding /edit to the end of any published post URL. 

Ghost Editor


Editor Toolbar

Icon Function Shortcut
bold.png Bold Ctrl/⌘ + B
italic.png Italic Ctrl/⌘ + I
heading.png Heading Ctrl/⌘ + H
blockquote.png Blockquote Ctrl/⌘ + '
bullet-list.png Unordered List Ctrl/⌘ + L
numbered-list.png Numbered List Ctrl/⌘ + Alt + L
hyperlink.png Hyperlink Ctrl/⌘ + K
image.png Insert Image  Ctrl/⌘ + Shift + I
preview.png Toggle Preview Ctrl + Alt + R
side-by-side.png  Toggle Side-by-Side Ctrl + Alt + P
spellcheck.png Toggle Spellcheck Ctrl + Alt + S
hemingway.png Toggle Hemingway Mode Ctrl + Alt + H
question.png View Markdown Help
Choose files or drag and drop files
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