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Ghost(Pro) blogs are 100% customisable. We don’t restrict what themes you can install – and theme installation itself is very easy. You can find several free and paid themes directly on, via the Marketplace, or create your own by following our theme documentation here

This article will walk you through how to upload, download and delete your publication's theme.

Upload a Theme

  1. Log in to your publication at
  2. Go to Settings > Design from the admin menu
  3. Under Themes, Upload a theme ghost1.0-design-themes.png
  4. Click inside the upload box to select a theme zip, or drag-and-drop the theme zip into the upload box
  5. Click Activate Now to activate the theme

Delete a Theme

  1. Locate the theme to be deleted from the list of themes
  2. Click the Delete link next to the theme
  3. Confirm your deletion by clicking Delete

Download a Theme

  1. Locate the theme to be downloaded from the list of themes
  2. Click the Download link next to the theme
Choose files or drag and drop files
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