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To use Discourse for commenting on your publication, follow the steps below:

Note: To use Discourse with Ghost, both your Discourse installation and Ghost publication will need to operate from the same domain, i.e. (publication) and (Discourse).

  1. Install and configure Discourse
  2. Once installed, from Discourse, go to Admin > Customize > Embedding and click Add Host
  3. Enter your publication URL in the Allowed Hosts column
  4. Select a Category for post discussions to be published
  5. Save the host by using the blue checkmark
  6. Fill out the remainder of the Discourse Embedding and Feed Settings
  7. Copy the Discourse embed code provided on the Embedding screen
  8. Find the post.hbs file located in your current theme’s directory, e.g. content/themes/your-theme/post.hbs
  9. Paste the Discourse embed code before the closing {{/post}}
  10. Update the REPLACE_ME variable with {{@blog.url}}{{url}}
  11. Save and re-upload your publication’s theme
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