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Ghost contains built-in support for direct integration with over 750+ apps and services using the Zapier automation service.


  • Ghost 1.19.0 or newer
  • Zapier account (Free or Paid)

Note: Some integrations require the use of a paid Zapier account. Pricing info is available here

Getting Started

In order to get the Zapier Ghost integration working, you'll need to follow a few steps to connect services to one another:

Sign up for a Zapier Account

  1. Go to the Zapier website
  2. Select the Sign up for free button to create a new account

You can also log into an existing Zapier account if you already have one.

Setup and Configuration

Ghost works with Zapier through Triggers and Actions

  • Triggers are things which happen in Ghost and cause a Zapier automation to be triggered
  • Actions are things which Ghost does, after a Zapier automation is triggered elsewhere

For example:

  • When a new post is published in Ghost (Trigger) Zapier can share your post to Buffer (Action)
  • When a new subscriber is collected in Mailchimp (Trigger) Zapier can add that subscriber to Ghost (Action)

Setting up Zapier is a case of deciding which actions you would like to happen, and when you would like them to be triggered.

Get Started with a Zap Template

To get started we recommend using one of the recommended Ghost Zaps. This will make it easy to get some of the most popular automations set up in the space of a couple of clicks.


Of if you'd rather create a custom Zapier automation from scratch, follow the steps below:

Create a new Zap

If you want to create a custom Zapier automation, click on the Make a Zap! button at the top of your Zapier dashboard. From here you can define the Triggers and Actions which you would like to use with Ghost.


You can trigger Zaps to happen when the following events take place in Ghost:

  • New Story - Triggers whenever a new post is published in Ghost
  • New Subscriber - Triggers whenever a new subscriber is added in Ghost
  • New Unsubscriber - Triggers whenever a subscriber is removed in Ghost


When Zaps are triggered by a different app, they can do the following actions inside Ghost:

  • New Story - Create a new post inside Ghost
  • New Subscriber - Create a new subscriber inside Ghost
  • New Unsubscriber - Remove a subscriber inside Ghost

Connecting Zapier to Ghost

When creating a Zapier automation for the first time you will first need to connect Zapier to your Ghost account. To do this, click on Connect an Account


Fill in your Ghost login credentials to authenticate Zapier to Ghost. Make sure that you enter your full Ghost Admin URL in the first field, including the trailing slash, for example: `` - then select the Yes, Continue button


Now your Ghost site should be successfully connected to Zapier and can be used for any automations.


Using Zapier Automations

Once set up, Zaps will run completely in the background without you needing to do anything else. This is incredibly useful for automating tasks which you do regularly and don't want to have to remember - like automatically sharing new blog posts to social networks. It also comes in very handy for keeping multiple tools in sync - for example making sure that every time someone subscribes or unsubscribes to a newsletter in Ghost or Mailchimp, making sure that change is reflected in the subscriber databases for both services.

It's worth noting that some Zaps are instant, while others run in timed intervals. You may sometimes notice a 15 minute gap between a Trigger and an Action - this is perfectly normal. 

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