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User Settings

To access individual user settings, follow the steps below.

  1. Go to Team from the admin menu
  2. Click on individual users from the Team list to customize user profiles

User Profile Settings

  • Cover Image: Image usually displayed on the author archive page
  • Display Picture: Image usually displayed with the author on published posts
  • Full Name: Name displayed with published posts
  • Slug: URL for author archive; example: 
  • Email Address: Used for internal notifications, login, password recovery
  • Location: Current location of the user
  • Website: Personal website of the user
  • Facebook Profile: Link to Facebook profile of user
  • Twitter Profile: Link to Twitter profile of user
  • Bio: 200 characters or less description of user

Tip: Several themes (such as Casper) display the user’s picture, name, location and bio along with each post.

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