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Upload Images

To insert an image into your post, use any of the methods described below.

Using Image Cards

  1. From the editor, click the + symbol to open the card menu
  2. Select the “image” icon from the Primary menu

  1. Click inside the image uploader box to select an image from your computer to insert into the post.

Pasting Images into Editor

  1. Copy the image to your clipboard (e.g. right click > Copy Image)

  1. From the editor, use CTRL/Cmd+V or right click + Paste to insert the image into the editor.

Drag-and-drop from your Computer

To upload an image via the drag-and-drop method, select the image(s) from your computer and drag them on top of the editor.

Insert Images from URL

To insert an image from a URL, you can use the card menu shortcut, /image {url}, and hit “Enter.” The image would then insert into the editor automatically - e.g.  /images

Using Markdown

Inside the editor, type the markdown to the URL of your image, i.e. [Image Description](path/to/image)

For help with uploading images, you can always reach out to [email protected] for help.

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