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Migrating to Ghost 1.0

To upgrade to Ghost 1.0, you will need to log into your account and click the Start Upgradebutton next to your publication.


If your publication is still on the LTS version of Ghost, and this button is not available, please message [email protected] and we can enable the migration button for you. 

Ghost 1.0.0 is a major upgrade, with breaking changes that could impact the display of your publication. Below you will find all potentially 'breaking changes' that should be addressed prior to upgrading your site.

Public API Breaking Changes

There are 2 issues which impact the Public API when accessed from external sites:

  • Ghost 0.11.x LTS exports do not include clients & trusted domains and therefore will not be imported to your new site.
  • The /shared/ghost-url.min.js util has been moved and renamed to /public/ghost-sdk.min.js Read the API migration guide for more details of how to fix this.

Markdown Breaking Changes

Pre-1.0 versions of Ghost used a Markdown parser that allowed certain Markdown to be written that wasn't "valid" according to any agreed Markdown specification, however from 1.0 onwards Ghost is using a fully CommonMark compliant parser/renderer. Unfortunately there were a few cases of invalid Markdown that became fairly common to use in Ghost 0.x versions, but will no longer work after upgrading to 1.0. 

All documented markdown breaking changes can be view here. Please read through the changes thoroughly and correct any content formatting before upgrading to Ghost 1.x.

If you have a markdown problem that can't be resolved by following the above guide, swing by our Slack channel to get help. We'll update the Markdown changes list as we become aware of any other common differences between 0.x and 1.x Markdown support.

Theme Breaking Changing

There are breaking changes in the theme API between Ghost LTS and 1.0.0, that means your theme may need to be updated before you are able to migrate over to Ghost 1.0

The best way to check for potential breaking changes is by using our tool, gscan. If you navigate to and download your current active theme, you can then upload it to to get a report on any changes that need to be made.

There's a full guide to migrating themes to Ghost 1.0.0 in our theme docs.

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