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Custom Domain Setup

You can connect any domain or subdomain that you own to your Ghost(Pro) blog by adding a CNAME record to your domain's DNS records. We will automatically provision SSL certificates for any correctly configured domain.

Note: We do not support the use of A records for custom domain setup.

The following guide explains how to setup your custom domain with your Ghost(Pro) publication. 

Setup a Custom Domain 

  1. Log in to at
  2. From the Publications list, click More and select Domain

  3. Under “Domain settings,” click Set up next to Custom Domain

  4. On the custom domain setup form, begin by entering the custom domain to be used with the publication.

    Note: There are two different ways you can use a domain name with Ghost(Pro) — either as a subdomain or a root domain. An example subdomain might be or, and an example of a root domain might be It is important to enter in the correct version of the domain to be used with your Ghost publication.

  5. Next, you will need to add a CNAME record to your DNS records, pointing either the root ( @ ) or the subdomain ( www ) to your URL.

    For example, if the custom domain was set to, you would add a CNAME record to the DNS for www and point it to the target of

  6. Once you’ve setup your CNAME record within your DNS records, click Activate custom domain to activate your custom domain with your Ghost publication.

    During the activation process, we will check to make sure the CNAME record has been pointed correctly, as well as issue an SSL certificate with your custom domain. If the activation is successful, your custom domain (and SSL certificate) will be used with the publication.

    If the activation fails, you will receive an error message in red indicating what needs to be corrected. For custom domain troubleshooting, please see the list of common errors (and how to fix them) below.

Custom Domain Errors

Below is a comprehensive list of all of the potential errors you may encounter while setting up your custom domain, and how to fix them. 

"We detected a CNAMAE mismatch. Please change your CNAME record to point to <subdomain>"
The CNAME record you've entered in your DNS records does not match the subdomain URL that is expected. 

You will need to update your CNAME record to reflect the correct subdomain. For example, if your URL is, your CNAME will need to point to

"We could not validate your domain. Make sure you entered the exact domain name you pointed your CNAME record to."
To correct this issue, you will need to make sure you have entered in the correct variation of the domain that you've setup to point to the publication, AND ensure that you've setup the correct CNAME record. 

For example, if you've setup a www CNAME record, you will need to make sure you've entered in the www variation of the domain in the custom domain field on

Proxy Validation Errors

"We detected an invalid proxy setup, please make sure to follow the setup instructions."
If you are using a proxy instead of the recommended CNAME setup, you will see this message if your proxy is invalid. For details on how to setup a valid proxy, please see our Proxy Configuration Guide.

SSL Activation Errors

"We could not request a valid certificate for your domain."
Please reach out to [email protected] for help with this error message.


If you're still having trouble getting your custom domain setup, please feel free to reach out to [email protected] for help.

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