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Custom Domains Using Google Domains

To setup your domain name from Google Domains to use Ghost follow the steps below.

Edit DNS records

  1. Log into Google Domains
  2. Click the DNS icon associated with the domain to be connect to your publication
  3. Create a CNAME record for www pointing to the URL and click Add
  4. Once added, the record should appear similar to this:

With your CNAME record in place, you can now activate your custom domain from the publication settings on

Update the Publication Settings

  1. Log in to at
  2. From the Publications list, click More and select Domain

  3. Under “Domain settings,” click Set up next to Custom Domain

  4. On the custom domain setup form, begin by entering the custom domain to be used with the publication.

  5. Next, given you've already setup your CNAME record, click Activate custom domain to activate your custom domain with your Ghost publication.

    During the activation process, we will check to make sure the CNAME record has been pointed correctly, as well as issue an SSL certificate with your custom domain. If the activation is successful, your custom domain (and SSL certificate) will be used with the publication.

    If the activation fails, you will receive an error message in red indicating what needs to be corrected. For custom domain troubleshooting, please see our custom domain setup guide.

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