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Migrating to Ghost(Pro) from another Ghost Install

Moving from a self-hosted version of Ghost to Ghost(Pro)? No problem! Follow the steps below to get started.

Step 1: Create a account & create your blog

To begin, you'll need a account, as well as a Ghost(Pro) blog. You can sign up for a free trial account at

Step 2: Download your Ghost blog export file

Next, create an export file of your blog settings and data from the blog that you will be migrating to Ghost(Pro). To create an export file, navigate to the Labs section of your Ghost blog's admin area. From the Labs section, click "Export" to generate your export file. For instructions on how to create an export of your blog, please read our guide on how to import and export blog settings and data.

Step 3: Import your blog settings and data.

Next, log into your Ghost(Pro) blog and navigate to the Labs section. From Labs, import your blog settings and data file from your previous Ghost blog. For instructions on how to import your blog settings and data into Ghost(Pro), read our guide on how to import and export blog settings and data

Step 4: Download your theme files

If you're using a custom theme on your self-install of Ghost, you will want to navigate to the content/themes directory of your Ghost install. Locate the folder containing the theme files your blog is currently using. Download the entire theme directory from your server and zip the folder. Note:You only need to download the theme directory that your blog is currently using. For example, if your blog is using "XYZ Theme" you would download the "xyz theme" directory from your server.

Step 5: Upload your theme to your Ghost(Pro) blog.

Next, upload your zipped theme directly to your Ghost(Pro) blog. You can upload a theme to your Ghost(Pro) blog from the Settings section of your blog on For instructions on how to do this, read our guide on how to upload a theme to Ghost(Pro)

Note: If you're using the default (unmodified) theme, Casper, you can skip this step entirely, as Ghost(Pro) blogs come with Casper pre-installed. 

Step 6: Upload your image directory

Finally, to migrate images to your Ghost(Pro), you need to download and zip up the image upload directory on your server. You can find this directory at content/images within your Ghost install. Once downloaded, send your zip file to [email protected] and our team will upload the directory directly to your blog.

Step 7: Setup a custom domain

If you were previously using a custom domain with your self-hosted version of Ghost, you can configure your domain to point to your Ghost(Pro) blog by following our guide on setting up custom domains.

Need Help? As a Ghost(Pro) user you have access to email support, anytime. If you find yourself having trouble with the migration process, please reach out to the Ghost Support team at [email protected].

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