You can use MailChimp in an RSS-to-Email campaign to notify subscribers of new stories on your publication.

Creating the RSS-to-Email Campaign

  1. Create a MailChimp account
  2. Create a Subscribers List for your RSS-to-Email campaign in MailChimp
  3. Create an RSS Driven Campaign using your publication’s RSS URL, and follow the prompts to select your subscriber list, frequency, and email template.

Collecting Subscribers

Using a MailChimp Embedded Form

  1. Create a Subscriber Form using MailChimp’s Form Builder.
  2. Embed the Form Builder code within your theme files, where the form should be displayed.

Using Ghost’s Built-in Subscriber List

  1. Enable the Subscribers Beta feature from the Labs settings
  2. Click Subscribers to access your subscriber list
  3. Export Subscribers by clicking Export
  4. Import your Subscribers into your MailChimp Subscriber’s List