Ghost(Pro) Setup Guide

What is Ghost(Pro)?

Ghost(Pro) is a subscription based, premium hosting platform managed by the creator's of Ghost. What sets Ghost(Pro) apart from other hosting providers is that our platform is 100% customised to run Ghost blogs. Our hosted platform also funds the Non-Profit Organisation which organises and runs the Ghost Open Source project. So, every bit of the money we make from our hosted plans, goes right back into Ghost - and ultimately improving the Ghost software, and your experience. In this way, people who use the Ghost software secure its future development.

Signing up

To setup a publication on Ghost(Pro), you need to first sign up for a free trial. You can do this directly from, by clicking the Test it out button.

Next, select the plan you wish to trial by clicking Test it out now.


Create your account and enter your card information to start your trial, then click the blue button to continue.


To create your blog, click Add a new blog.


Enter a title for your blog, and click Create Blog.


Next, follow the setup guide to create your blog account.

Once your account and blog has been created, you will have the opportunity to invite your team to join your blog. Ghost will send out an invitations as soon as the setup is complete. You can always add more team members later (see details on adding users).

When finished, you will be taken directly to your Ghost(Pro) blog to begin publishing.

What's next?

Congratulations, you've just setup your first Ghost(Pro) blog! If you're looking for more information on how to use Ghost, checkout these helpful articles: