Blog Settings Overview

When logged into your Ghost blog, these settings are accessible via the “General” section of your “Settings” panel.

Blog Settings

  • Blog Title: Changes your Blog’s title.
  • Blog Description: Changes your Blog’s description.
  • Blog Logo: Upload a Logo for your blog in either ‘.png’, ‘.jpg’ or ‘.gif’.
  • Blog Cover: Upload your blog cover image in either ‘.png’, ‘.jpg’ or ‘.gif’.
  • Posts per page: This is how many posts are displayed per page. This should be a numeric value.
  • Dated Permalinks: This will include the date in the URL of your posts.
  • Facebook Page: Add your Facebook page URL to your blog.
  • Twitter Profile: Add your Twitter profile URL to your blog.
  • Timezone: Select a timezone for your blog.
  • Make this blog private: This will allow you to mark your blog as private.
  • Themes: Upload, Activate and Delete themes on your blog.