Publish a Post

Note: If you have not setup your blog’s admin user account yet, please see our Getting Started Guide for details.

So you’ve created a Ghost blog, and now you’re wondering how to publish your first blog post. Let’s take a minute and show you how this works from start to finish!

Access your Ghost(Pro) Dashboard

To begin, you need to log into your account and access your dashboard. To do this, go to and click “Sign in,” from the top.

Next, enter your login credentials.

Once logged in, you should be directed to your dashboard.

Log in to your admin area

Next, you need to log into your blog admin area. You can find your blog admin area by going to and entering your login credentials. You can also access your blog admin area by clicking on the blue, “Edit Blog” button from your dashboard.

Writing a new post

Once you’ve logged in to your admin area, click on New Post from the navigation menu on the left.

You should now be on the Ghost editor screen. On the left side you have the editor panel, this is where you can write in Markdown syntax. On the right side you have the live preview of how your page content will appear when it is published.

Note:The live preview may not be identical to the formatting on your blog, depending on which theme you are using.

Markdown is an incredibly powerful way to write content which is designed to be published online. It allows you to create really fast formatting while you’re writing, rather than pausing constantly to highlight text and click on buttons. It takes just a short while to get used to, and then you’ll probably notice that your writing speed greatly increases!

If you need help with using the Markdown language, you can always find a quick cheat-sheet by click on the question mark icon in the top right corner of the editor pane.

Adding tags

Tags are used to categorise your posts into similar collections. You might have one tag for Newsand another for Announcements, or you might even tag your posts by what they’re about, eg.Rabbits.

Open the Post Settings Menu

While inside the Ghost editor (where you edit your post content), click on the settings cog to reveal the post settings menu.

Once opened, click on the “Tag” field, and start typing to add tags to your post. To separate multiple tags, use a comma or press enter.

Publishing your post

Once you’ve finished writing your post, it’s time to set it live. To do this, look for the Save button in the top right hand corner of your screen. Beside it you will see an arrow. Click on this arrow to change the action of the button to Publish Now. The button will now turn red. Click on the button again to publish your post. You will get a success notification once it is live on your blog.

Done! Your post is now live on your blog. You can visit the home page of your blog by clicking on the Ghost logo in the very top left hand corner of your admin area.

Remember: You must click on the button again after it turns red in order for your post to be published! Once it succeeds, you will get a green notification.