SSL Setup with CloudFlare

The admin panel (/ghost/) for your Ghost(Pro) blog is always secured with SSL. If you’d also like to serve the frontend of your blog via HTTPS, this can be achieved by using CloudFlare’s UniverSSL feature.

If you don’t have a custom domain, and are therefore using a URL like, UniverSSL is already enabled by us. If you want to disable http on the frontend of your blog see the section on Forcing SSL-only below.

If you have a custom domain, you’ll need to setup your domain in CloudFlare, and use their DNS management tools to setup a CNAME record for your domain to point to your Ghost(Pro) blog. For more information on setting up CloudFlare see our CloudFlare guide.

Enable UniverSSL

  1. Click on Crypto from the CloudFlare menu.
  2. To enable UniverSSl, set SSL to full.

With UniverSSL enabled, the frontend of your blog will work with both http:// and https:// URLs.

Forcing SSL-Only

To force all requests to be SSL-only, you need to enable this feature in your control panel.

  1. Log into your account.
  2. Access your blog management settings by clicking the Owner dropdown menu to the right of the blog you are working with.
  3. Next, click Settings to view your blog management settings.
  4. Check the box for "I'm using CloudFlare UniverSSL and want to force SSL everywhere."

  5. Click Save.