Uploading Themes

Ghost(Pro) blogs are 100% customisable. We don’t restrict what themes you can install – and theme installation itself is very easy. You can find several free and paid themes directly on Ghost.org, via the Marketplace, or create your own. This article will walk you through uploading your theme to your Ghost(Pro) blog.

Log into your blog

To get started, log into your blog admin area, by going to yourblog.ghost.io/ghost.

Access your blog’s settings

Select, “General” from the navigation menu on the left of your admin area.


Upload your theme

Note: All theme files uploaded to Ghost(Pro) blogs must be compressed in a .zip format.

Next, click on the green, Upload a Theme button.


This will prompt an upload box to open. Click inside the box to open file explorer to select your theme zip, OR, drag the theme zip into the box.


Once uploaded, the theme will become 'active' on the blog.

Tip: If at any point you want to revert to the default theme, click "Activate" next to the default Casper theme.