User Settings Overview

The following settings control the user profile associated with your Ghost blog (e.g. author profile). When logged into your Ghost blog, these settings are accessible via the “User” section of your “Settings” panel.

  • Your Name: This is your name that will be used to credit you when you publish a post. 
  • Cover Image: Your profile cover image is uploaded here, in either ‘.png’, ‘.jpg’ or ‘.gif’ format.

  • Display Picture: This is where you upload your personal display picture, in either ‘.png’, ‘.jpg’ or ‘.gif’ format.

  • Email Address: This email is used for internal notifications. It is also used in the event you need to recover your password or if something should go wrong.

  • Location: This should be your current location.

  • Website: This is your personal website URL or even one of your social network URLs.

  • Bio: Your bio is where you can enter a 200 character or less description about yourself.

Tip: Several themes (such as Casper) display the user’s picture, name, location and bio along with each post.