Delete a User

The following guide will walk you through how to delete a user from your Ghost blog.

Log in to your admin area

The first step is to log in to your Ghost admin area, where you can control all of your blog’s content and settings. You can find your blog admin area by going to and entering your login credentials.

Click “Team” from the admin navigation menu

This will direct you to the “User Management” area.

Click on the user you’d like to delete

Next, click on the user you want to remove from your Ghost blog.

Click on the gear icon

Once on the user’s settings page, click on the “gear” icon, located on the top-right of the page, just to the left of the blue “Save” button and select “Delete User”.

A popover will appear. Click on “Delete User.” Once clicked, a prompt will appear asking you to confirm your deletion.

Note: You cannot delete the original blog owner.
Warning: Once a user has been deleted, all posts and associated data will also be deleted.