Static Pages

Creating a static page in Ghost is very similar to creating a post, with a few added steps along the way. Let’s take a look at how creating static content works in Ghost.

Log in to your admin area

The first step is to log into your blog admin area. You can find your blog admin area by going to and entering your login credentials.

Writing a new post

Once you’ve logged in to your admin area, click on New Post from the navigation menu on the left.

You should now be on the Ghost editor screen. On the left side you have the editor panel, this is where you can write in Markdown syntax. On the right side you have the live preview of how your page content will appear when it is published.

Mark your post as a “Static Page”

Once you’ve completed writing your page content, you need to designate it as a static page. To do this, in the top right hand corner of the editor there is a “gear” icon. Clicking on the icon will reveal the post settings menu, which controls post details, such as the URL, publish date and whether or not the content should be set as a static page.

In this case, we’d like this content to appear as a page, therefore we’ll need to check the empty box next to “Turn this post into a static page”, as shown in the screenshot above.

Note:The URL of your page will default to the title of the page, broken down using hyphens (i.e. your-page). If you want to change this, simply click inside the URL field and begin typing. You will need to remember this URL if you are planning to link to it within your theme or other posts.

Publishing your static page

When your content is ready to go live, and you’ve marked it as a static page, you’ll need to publish it. To do this, look for the Save button in the bottom right hand corner of your screen. Beside it, you will see an arrow. Click on the arrow to change the action of the button to Publish Now. The button will turn red. Click on the button again to publish your static page. You will get a success notification once it is live on your blog.

Congratulations! Your page is now live on your blog. You can access your page by going