Migrating from Blogger to Ghost

Importing your posts from Blogger to Ghost can be a little tricky. There are two ways to get your Blogger data migrated to Ghost:

1. Use the http://www.blogger2ghost.com/ tool

2. Import your Blogger posts to WordPress first and then into Ghost


This article will show you how to move your Blogger posts into WordPress (option 2), then you can follow our guide on how to import posts from WordPress to Ghost to finish up the job.

Setup WordPress

First, you will need to setup a WordPress site. To do this, you can either install WordPress locally on your computer (view WordPress install guides), or use a free service such as http://qsandbox.com/app, to get a quick, disposable, WordPress site up and running.

Import your Blogger posts into WordPress

Once you've got your WordPress site live, log into the WordPress admin area and click on “Tools” from the navigational menu on the left and select "Import."


Select your system

Next, select “Blogger” from the list of systems you can import content from.

Install the Blogger importer

After clicking “Blogger” as your system, a popup box will appear, click “Install Now” found at the bottom of the box to install the Blogger importer plugin.

Activate and Run the importer

Next, you’ll see an install screen. From here, click “Activate Plugin & Run Importer” to begin the process of importing your Blogger content to WordPress.

Authorize blogger

Once activated, you’ll be prompted to authorise Blogger to allow WordPress to access your Blogger account.

You will need to “Allow access” via your Google account during this step.

Import your posts to WordPress

Now that you’ve authorised WordPress to access your Blogger account, you should see your Blog listed on the next screen, along with a number of posts that can be imported over. When you’re ready, click “Import” to begin importing your post content into WordPress.

After you’ve clicked “Import,” your screen should look similar to this:

Move your posts from WordPress to Ghost

Now that you’ve moved your Blogger content to WordPress, you’ll need to move your post content from WordPress to Ghost, via our Plugin. For more detailed instruction on how to do this, checkout our guide on how to import your posts from WordPress to Ghost.