How to Use Ghost

Your blog is up and running! Awesome. Here’s a quick guide to all the basic things you can do next:

Writing your first post

Ghost is unlike many other blogging platforms out there, rather than having a standard text editor, Ghost blog posts are written using Markdown. Markdown is a minimal syntax for marking up your documents with formatting, using punctuation and special characters. Markdown is also used within Ghost blog posts for uploading images. For more information on how to use markdown and publish content within Ghost, see:

Customizing your blog theme

Ghost themes are very easy to customize. You can do everything from changing the layout and style of your blog to integrating comments or a contact form. For more information on how you can customize your blog, see:

What’s Next

Congratulations, you’ve just setup your Ghost blog! If you’re looking for more information on how to use Ghost, checkout these other articles: