Tag Management Overview

Ghost allows you to edit, delete and add new tags to your blog, directly from the tag manager/ghost/settings/tags/. You can also personalise your tag archives by adding cover images as well as meta data. Below is an overview of the tag manager.

Accessing the tag manager

Click Tags from the menu on the left.

This will direct you to the Tag screen, which contains a list of all your current tags.

How to delete a tag

To delete a tag, click on the tag from your list of current tags. This will reveal the tag settings menu.

Once the menu has been revealed, to delete a tag, click on the red “Delete Tag” link.

Once clicked, you will be prompted to confirm your action.

How to add a new tag

If you need add a new tag, click on the green “New Tag” button to reveal a blank tag settings menu.

Fill out the Tag name and any other information you’d like to include with your tag. Once you’ve typed everything in, you should see your tag appear over on your tag list.

Tag Settings Menu Overview

The tag settings menu is made up of the following parts:

  • Tag Image: the tag image
  • Tag Name: the tag name
  • Tag URL: the tag ‘slug’
  • Description: the tag description
  • Meta Data: extra content for SEO and social media