Migrating from Tumblr to Ghost

Although we don’t currently have an official plugin for migration from Tumblr to Ghost yet, you can import your posts directly into Ghost by using WordPress as the middleman. This guide will walk you through the process of connecting your Tumblr account to WordPress, so you can use our official plugin to complete your move to Ghost.

Log in to your WordPress site

First, log into your WordPress site.

Click on “Tools”

Next, click on “Tools” from the left side navigation within WordPress. This should show another menu – click on “Import” from this secondary menu.

Select “Tumblr” from the list of platforms

Once your on the import screen, you’ll need to select “Tumblr” as the platform you’d like import from.

Install the Tumblr plugin

Once you’ve selected “Tumblr” a popup box will appear prompting you to install the plugin needed to import your posts from Tumblr. To install the plugin, click “Install Now” from the bottom of the popup box.

Activate and Run the plugin

When the plugin has finished installing, click on the link to “Activate Plugin & Run Importer” to continue.

Import from Tumblr

When you’ve activated the plugin, you will be taken to the import screen. From here you’ll need to follow the instructions to create an “app” on Tumblr. Follow the steps on the import screen to create your app, then fill out the OAuth Consumer Key and the Secret Key, then click “Connect to Tumblr” to continue.

Authorise the App

After you’ve entered in your OAuth Key and Secret Key, you’ll need to authorise the application you just created to connect with WordPress. To do this, click on the link to “Authorise the Application”

Allow WordPress Access to Tumblr

To complete the authorisation, you’ll be taken to a Tumblr screen asking you to allow or deny access to your Tumblr data. Click “Allow” to continue.

Import your Tumblr blog

After you’ve granted WordPress access to Tumblr, you’ll be redirected to your WordPress site – which should now list out your Tumblr blog, along with an “Import this blog” button. Click on the “Import this blog” button to import your blog posts into your WordPress site.

When the import is completed, the “Action/Status” column will say “Finished.”

Move your posts from WordPress to Ghost

Now that your Tumblr posts are in WordPress, you can follow our guide on how to import your posts from WordPress to Ghost to finish the entire migration from Tumblr to Ghost.